Get ready for July 1 with your CVS Transition checklist


Effective July 1, 2021, CVS Caremark will replace Express Scripts as the Health Plan’s prescription drug benefit manager. Refer to the checklist below to ensure that you and your dependents have a smooth transition.
Received your Welcome Kit?
If you have not, contact CVS Customer Service at (855) 271-6601 to request one.
Register at and/or the CVS Caremark mobile app
Registering for CVS Caremark’s digital tools makes managing your prescriptions easy. If you would like to register, but have not received your Welcome Kit yet, follow these instructions.
Check to verify your medications will be covered
Go to or call (855) 271-6601 for a list of excluded medications and medications that require prior authorization, as well as obtain your estimated out-of-pocket costs on the medications.
If you take a specialty medication, have you spoken with CVS Specialty?
If not, contact CVS Specialty at (800) 237-2767, Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Central Time to complete your account setup.
If you receive prescriptions via Mail Order, have you provided your payment information to CVS Mail Service?
You will need to contact CVS Caremark at (855) 271-6601 or log on to to provide your payment information, arrange your first mail order delivery and enroll in automatic refills.


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Watch a 1-minute video introduction to CVS Caremark.