About the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans

Created as a result of the Directors Guild of America’s collective bargaining agreements with producer associations representing the motion picture, television and commercial production industries, the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans provide excellent benefits to participants.

The DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans are separate entities from the DGA and are administered by a Board of Trustees made up of DGA representatives and Producers’ representatives.

Board of Trustees

Correspondence to the Board of Trustees should be addressed to:

The Directors Guild of America–Producer Pension and Health Plans
5055 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 866-2200
(877) 866-2200 toll free

DGA Trustees Producer Trustees
Mr. Jonathan Avnet Ms. Helayne Antler
Ms. Yudi Bennett Ms. Tracy Cahill
Mr. Scott Berger Ms. Melinda Carrido Gavron
Ms. Marie Cantin Ms. Nicole Gustafson
Mr. David Dreyfus Mr. Harry Isaacs
Mr. Valdez Flagg Mr. Sheldon Kasdan
Ms. Karen Gaviola Mr. Hank Lachmund
Mr. Todd Holland Ms. Ruby Little
Mr. Russell Hollander Ms. Carol A. Lombardini
Mr. Seith Mann Mr. Matt Miller
Mr. Jonathan Mostow Mr. Joseph Pitra
Mr. Michael Pressman Mr. Robert Sacks
Mr. Jay D. Roth Mr. Marc Sandman
Ms. Liz Ryan Mr. Jeffrey Shapiro
Ms. Mary Rae Thewlis Ms. Natasha Shum
Ms. Betty Thomas Mr. Seth Stevelman
Mr. Dwight Williams
Mr. Michael Zinberg