Spring 2021 Spotlight on Benefits Newsletter Available Now

The Spring 2021 issue of the Spotlight on Benefits newsletter is now available. This issue announces several important benefits updates, including the Board of Trustees’ approval of a 13th benefit check to retirees and beneficiaries in pay status as of December 2020, the 100% COBRA coverage premium subsidy available to eligible participants and dependents beginning April 1, 2021, the July 1 transition to CVS Caremark as the Health Plan’s pharmacy benefit manager and the July 1 employer pension contributions rate increase and allocation of the increase amount to the Basic Plan.

Also included in this newsletter is the 2020 Annual Funding Notice on the financial status of the Basic Pension Plan and a special article detailing the performance of the Plans’ investments over the course of the volatile 2020 market year.



View or download the pdf of the newsletter here