Express Scripts Changes Its List of Covered Medications, Effective July 1

Express Scripts, the Health Plan’s prescription drug benefit manager, periodically reviews its list of covered medications, called the National Preferred Formulary, to ensure access to safe, effective treatments in all drug classes. As new medications enter the market, they are reviewed in consultation with an independent group of physicians to determine which provide significant health benefits beyond other available options. Certain medications may be excluded from the formulary when clinically equivalent alternatives are available and offer significant cost savings. Changes to the formulary affect which medications will be covered by the Health Plan and how much you pay out of pocket for prescriptions.

Effective July 1, Express Scripts revised its list of covered medications. If you are currently taking a medication that was excluded from the revised formulary, Express Scripts should have already notified you via mail with information on alternatives. If you are taking a maintenance medication, be sure to review the new list in case the status of your medication has changed.

The complete 2019 list of excluded medications along with preferred alternatives is available here. For information on whether this change will affect your current prescriptions, log on to your Express Scripts account at If you have any questions, please call Express Scripts at (800) 987-7828.