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Partial Distributions: Income Flexibility for the Long Term

When it comes to choosing your pension benefit, it pays to think long term. Though your Basic Plan is designed to provide a monthly benefit over your lifetime, things come up, and you want the flexibility to adjust accordingly. With Partial Distributions from the Supplemental Plan, you can do just that.

A Partial Distribution is a withdrawal of only a portion of your Supplemental Plan account. You can take funds as needed (subject to Plan rules) while your remaining balance continues to benefit from the Plan’s professional portfolio management.

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Looking for benefits information? There’s an app for that.

Much of your prescription, vision and dental benefits information, including claims status, benefits tallies and general benefits descriptions, is accessible to you right now from our benefits managers—Express Scripts, Delta Dental and Vision Service Plan—via their websites and mobile apps.

The Spring 2016 issue of the Spotlight on Benefits newsletter highlights some of the most useful online and mobile services currently available to give you the answers you need when you need them.

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For a more comprehensive list of online and mobile services from Express Scripts, Delta Dental and Vision Service Plan, visit our Index of Mobile and Online Services at

Spring 2016 Issue of Spotlight on Benefits Available Now

The Spring 2016 issue of the Pension and Health Plans’ newsletter, Spotlight on Benefits, is now available.

This issue includes information on how to use Partial Distributions from your Supplemental Pension Plan account to tailor your pension benefits throughout retirement; a special section on how Express Scripts, Delta Dental and Vision Service Plan are making more of your personal benefits information accessible from your computer and mobile devices; and the 2015 Basic Plan Annual Funding Notice.

Read the full newsletter and Annual Funding Notice here.

Information For Foreign Participants

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Created as a result of the Directors Guild of America's collective bargaining agreements with producer associations representing the motion picture, television and commercial production industries, the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans provide excellent benefits to participants.

The DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans are separate entities from the DGA and are administered by a Board of Trustees made up of DGA representatives and Producers' representatives.

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