Working After Retirement? Be Sure You Know the Basic Plan’s Suspension of Benefits Rules.

Published July 9, 2021

After you begin receiving a monthly pension benefit from the Basic Plan, it is not uncommon that at some point during your “retirement” you may work again. Under certain circumstances, however, continued work after your benefits commence may lead to your monthly Basic Plan benefit being suspended. This is called Suspendible Service, and it is an important part of financial planning.

Suspendible service is defined as employment in the same industry, in the same trade or craft worked under Covered Employment, and in the same geographic area covered by the Plan. For example, if you worked as a 1st Assistant Director at all times prior to your retirement from the Basic Plan, any work as a 1st Assistant Director after retirement would be considered Suspendible Service. However, work as a Director after retirement would not be considered Suspendible Service.

Suspendible service rules only apply to work performed before your Required Beginning Date. Your Required Beginning Date is April 1 in the calendar year after you turn 72. For example, if you turn 72 on December 31, 2021, your Required Beginning Date is April 1, 2022.

If you receive a monthly Basic Plan benefit and work in Suspendible Service before your Required Beginning Date, the following Suspension of Benefits rules apply:

  • If you work seven days or fewer of Suspendible Service in a calendar month, you will continue to receive your monthly Basic Plan benefit.
  • If you work eight or more days of Suspendible Service in a calendar month, your Basic Plan benefit will be suspended for that month.

If you are receiving a monthly Basic Plan benefit, you must notify the Plans office, in writing, within 21 days upon starting employment that is considered Suspendible Service. You can do this by filling out and returning the Employment Recap Form available at If you do not notify the Plans office, and it is later determined that your benefits should have been suspended, the overpayments will be recovered from your future benefit payments.

Likewise, you should also notify the Plans office when you have stopped performing Suspendible Service. Once notified, your benefits will begin again in the month after the last month during which benefits were suspended.

For full details on Suspendible Service, refer to the March 2020 Pension Plans Summary Plan Description and its updates. If you have further questions, contact a Pension Department representative by phone at (323) 866-2200, Ext. 404, or email