Want to Know the Plans? Get to Know Our Website

Did you know the Plans have a website? www.DGAPlans.org is the best resource for the most up-to-date information about the Plans’ health and pension benefits, important announcements and updates, and departmental contacts and forms—all available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. To familiarize you with the information available on the website and how to find it, see below for a section-by-section breakdown of the most popular sections of the DGAPlans.org homepage, the page from which you can access all other information on the website.

The figures that follow highlight three key areas of the homepage along with brief overviews of the information you can find there.

Section 1: All the Essentials

The top section of the DGAPlans.org homepage includes links to essential information about the Plans, the Plans’ office, pension and health benefits and featured announcements, all described below.

  1. About Us and Contact Us: Click the “About Us” link to find information on the Plans’ history and a list of the Plans’ Trustees. Click “Contact Us” for a list of the Plans’ departments, including descriptions, phone and fax numbers, email addresses and instructions for scheduling video meetings.
  2. Main Navigation Bar: Links to all the site’s information, divided by subject area. You can hover over a link to access sub-topics for that area. For example, if you hover over Pension Plans, you’ll find a link to the Pension Plans’ Investment Program pages, which provide information regarding the Plans’ investment portfolios, as well as current and historical investment return information.
  3. COVID-19 resources and updates: Get the latest news, benefits updates and general information regarding COVID-19, including links to resources available to DGA Members in need of assistance during the pandemic.
  4. MyPHP online benefits portal login: Click this button to access or register for the Plans’ online benefits portal, myPHP. MyPHP gives registered users access to their personalized pension and health information, including estimated pension benefits; Health Plan eligibility status; claims, pension and contributions statements; and other Plans’ documents. MyPHP also allows users to electronically update your Plans’ mailing address, upload documents directly to the Plans’ office and receive your Plans’ mail electronically.
  5. Search Box: Type in a term to search the entire site and quickly find whatever information you need.
  6. Featured News: Get important, timely announcements including special notices about benefits and holiday closures.

Section 2: More Navigation and Specific Information for Non-US Participants

The next section of the homepage provides much of the same navigation available in the top navigation bar with one notable exception: specific information for participants who live outside the United States, including information about understanding how Health Plan benefits apply outside the U.S., submitting claims, finding doctors outside of the U.S., and special pension benefits considerations applicable to non-US participants.

Section 3: Benefits Information Compiled by Life Event

Sometimes you want only information applicable to a specific situation or life event, like the birth of a child, a new marriage or an approaching retirement. The third section of the homepage compiles applicable pension and health benefits information according to common life events like these to provide specific, point-by-point guidance on what to do and how your benefits might change as your life changes.

DGAPlans.org is the perfect starting point for getting the answers you need about the Plans and your pension and health benefits. Take the time now to explore the information available at www.dgaplans.org.