What to Watch for in May and June

You should begin receiving materials from CVS Caremark over the next couple of weeks. These materials will vary depending on your circumstances. You should also be aware of the following key dates:


  • CVS Caremark customer care phone lines will open on May 10, 2021. Dedicated customer service representatives are available to address any questions you have. CVS Caremark’s customer care service number is (855) 271-6601.
  • CVS Caremark will send personalized letters to participants in the following two groups to guide you through the transition:
    • Participants currently on specialty medications and who will be impacted by the transition; and
    • Participants who have filled a prescription at a non-CVS Caremark-network pharmacy during the past year.


  • Receive your ID Cards and Welcome Kit (mid-to late June).
  • Register at www.Caremark.com to review your plan and cost information, plus access tools to help you stay on track with your medications.
  • Review medications with your provider, and if you have any prior authorizations, have your provider renew them with CVS Caremark.
  • Fill any maintenance prescriptions running out before the end of the month with Express Scripts. That way, you’ll have enough medication to last into the summer and can refill with CVS Caremark at the next refill.


Effective July 1, 2021

will be the Health Plan’s prescription drug benefit manager. Start filling your medications at a CVS network pharmacy.